Club Officers

Geraldine Henderson


021 337 237

Penny Jorgensen

Secretary, Dictionaries

​​021 393 644

Greg Chaplin


027 565 9914

Other Members

Charles Dolbel

Delight Sedzro

Nickola Horrocks

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Ainslie Campbell

Past President, Foundation

027 471 4254

Aritra Ray

Rotaract Liaison, Projects (Diabetes Education, Wellbeing Day Out)

​​021 566 458

Frances Loo

Bulletin, Events, Meetings, Postmaster, Projects, Web Site

021 635 027

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Ian Denning

Dictionaries, International Service

021 915 186

Ursula Bach

Membership, Community Service

​022 087 7300

Friends of the Club

Michelle Etherton

Tracey Green

Sarah Kedgley

Jan Wills

Honorary Members

Ruth Hunt

John Schroeder

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